Resetting Hubs

Resetting Hubs

If you have a problem with HomeKit, or perhaps you are recovering from a power outage and your automations are no longer working, you may find yourself needing to reset your HomeKit hubs. As my HomeKit installation and the number of HomeKit hubs has grown, resetting the hubs has become a bit finicky. I think this is due to so many devices (and hubs in particular) coming back online at the same time and all trying to coordinate their status. Some pointers:

  • Don't expect everything to begin working immediately - give the hubs time to reconnect and download a current HomeKit database from iCloud and get all of your devices' status — I have seen this process take up to 1/2 hour.

  • This is even more important if you have multiple hubs. Each hub is going to come back online and try to download the current HomeKit database, and determine if it should be the "connected" hub, and figure out the current state of all your devices, all at the same time. You might even want to unplug all of your hubs, then plug one in and wait for it to get its configuration and "settle in", then power up the remaining hubs.

  • Finally, on your TV's, after they finish booting, verify that they are connected to your Home(Kit).

  • Also, read the Controlled Reboot article